Jake K. Lee, Ph.D


Dr. Lee majored in mechanical engineering (B.S. and M.S.) and biomedical engineering (Ph.D.), conducting R&D in engineering and medicine for 17 years. Specifically, as an innovative professional in developing blood-contacting medical devices, he has initiated and directed the development of blood purification devices and artificial organs, including projects pertaining to a portable dialysis device. In addition, as a former product & technology manager of Fresenius Medical Care Korea, he also made a significant contribution to the increase in sales revenue of dialysis machines and hemodialyzers (by 13% and 10.6%). Fresenius eventually attained the market leader position in the Hemodialyzer by surpassing Gambro. Over the course of career, he has been awarded 26 patents, written 21 academic papers, and received various awards including ASAIO’s Young Innovative Fellowship. With Exorenal Inc., he is engaged directly in leading the development of a next-generation home & portable hemodialysis device. Drawing on his expertise in R&D and technology, Exorenal will provide highest quality treatment for patients.